Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending Social Mix 2012 put on by the fine folks at Jugnoo.  I was looking forward to the event as a reason to head to Toronto and meet my friend Danny Brown in person for the first time. Danny and Hessie Jones presented me with the unexpected opportunity to speak at the event.  I was flattered.

They put together a great line up of speakers including Amber Mac, Gary Vaynerchuck, Geoff Livingston, Danny Brown, Gini Dietrich and Tim Burrows. I was honored. Nitin and I had been talking to Danny and Hessie about what we were working on here at Tellagence.  I guess we said something interesting.

They asked me to come speak on influence – no pressure.  This is probably one of the hottest and most oversaturated topics in social media today.  Either people love it and they want more or they want to punch you in the throat.  If you follow Danny at all, you know that he is not a fan of the tools like Klout.   Here at Tellagence we aren't building an influence metric but we are radically expanding the conversation, and later expanding brand abilities, significantly beyond the current line of thinking.

The experience was great, and over the next couple of weeks I will be expanding on parts of my presentation here.  There is a video of the presentation that should go up on Jugnoo’s site over the next month. (We will keep you updated.) Nitin and I received some amazing feedback, which is what we were hoping.  If any of you were there and have thoughts but we did not get a chance to connect please share them with us.  We are always working to improve and interacting with you is a huge source of that.

It was such a cool event from the community involved to interacting with the people from Jugnoo. This event gave me a chance to meet a ton of great people, have exceptional conversations and meet many of my online friends in person for the first time.

Thank you to Danny, Hessie, Tabitha, Lindsay and all of the great people from Jugnoo we had a chance to meet.

If you have an interest to make what I talked about at Social Mix a reality, stay connected with us.