What If Brands Had a Relationship Coach?

What If Brands Had a Relationship Coach to Connect with Influencers?

Have you ever seen the movie Hitch? Hitch is played by Will Smith.  He is a private (super secret) relationship consultant for men who want to meet targeted women.

He gives them the strategies and tactics to get the attention of these women and build relationships.This is a very similar scenario for marketers who are trying to get certain people (influencers) to talk about their product or service.  There are tons of blogs posts on this subject but the concept is nothing new.  We just have a different set of tools.

Influencers are busy.  We all are.  But people thought to be influencers get lots of people wanting their time.  Most of the time they don't know that they need to know you.  They don't know that you have something special and unique to offer.  What if you could help them get past their own hang ups?

What if brands had this for their influencer programs?  Sometimes brand think they know how to do things but in a world where they have been trained to mass market with impersonal relationships they need some help.

And whatever you do don't be a brand that acts like this...

With so many conversations and blog posts about how to engage an influencer, I started think about this movie.  At the end, Hitch realizes that these people need to be themselves but there is much truth to the art of putting yourself in a position to be noticed.

If you are successful your community looks something like this... Who wants a Hitch for their influencer outreach program?