The Potential Missed Opportunity!

Going into SXSW this year all the buzz is about Highlight.  It is a new app that when one of your friends gets close enough to you it notifies you that they are within 50ft of you.  Should be interesting to play with.  It starts to push the envelope on the information we share and where consumer social apps go next. 

Many people are calling it the winner of SXSW already - like Robert Scoble. This event can be big for startups - Twitter (2007) and Foursquare (2009).  For others it can be a big moment in time that is quickly forgotten - Groupme (2011) and Hashable (2011).

I saw Highlight being talked about a few months back but it was still in private beta.  Leading up to SXSW they have released the app publicly.  So I downloaded and set it up.  I haven't been near anyone yet so I haven't really seen how it works.

<p >They have one MAJOR issue going into SXSW.  The best I can tell it sucks the battery out of your phone.  I am running out of battery in less than 5 hours.  Battery life at SXSW is hard enough given all the tweeting, checking in and general activity.  If it is a battery hog I will check it out briefly and then remove it.  I have too many other things I need to do with my phone.  There is a fix on the way according to Scoble but if not this would be a major whiff at their shot to gain a ton of traction.

Being lean is great until the impact of your mistakes become too large for a particular moment that is dangerously difficult to recover from.  I hope they have a fix out this week because I am excited to see what they have built.  Lesson for me in our startup is learn quickly and mistakes are fine until you are at a critical inflection point then you need to make sure you get it right.