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We aren’t in hiding anymore!  Matt Hixson (CEO and Co-Founder) and Nitin Mayande (Chief Scientist and Co-Founder) presented at DEMO to officially launch Tellagence’s first product for Twitter. What does this mean? We can now show you our product and we are beginning discussions with new clients.

The industry has been yearning for a solution that can truly predict the flow of online content. Why? Because businesses are tired of wasting dollars on buckshot marketing strategies. Tellagence lets businesses see – instantly – whom they should be focusing their social marketing efforts on. Have a look at our video and see for yourself how we do it:

How does Tellagence fill this gap? Our technology successfully unlocks the complexities of online relationships and tells brands and businesses who will be motivated to pass on their messages. It’s built on algorithms that monitor and understand the dynamics of relationships within networks.  It accounts for context, understands changes in behavior, and most distinctly, uses science built to understand online human communication unlike any other network analysis tool. We’ve launched with our first produce for Twitter, with more products for other social networks already in development.