We are excited to offer you a more hands-on experience with Tellagence Discover. Tellagence Discover is a powerful market research tool that can determine consumer preference without traditional segmentation using unbiased market feedback to drive strategy, product development and marketing by:

  • Identifying true online audiences based on how they converse
  • Optimizing online messaging and content strategy
  • Analyzing themes that emerge around your brand and the competition
  • Spend minutes of your time finding insight that usually takes days.

The Tellagence team has put together a few topics that will allow anyone to test drive Tellagence Discover.  



Health:  Look at a topic that covers a large chunk of online conversation including sustainability, mental, diet, fitness, insurance and so on.  Dig into the different conversations to understand what is important to this audience and what language they use.  For example, when are people using “kids” rather than “child” or “children” in their content? Try it!

Running:  Look at a topic with a passionate community and where the largest athletic brands play. One brand in particular drives a high volume of conversation; yet, there is still so much opportunity to engage new audiences within this topic.  What conversation does this brand engage and where can their competitors jump in to gain more traction with their target audience?

The running topic will also allows users differentiate between noise (high number of mentions) and themes (highly relative conversations) that are important to their potential audience.  Try it!

Smartphone:  Look at a topic that can own a day of media and has the most tech savvy people talking. Which of the world’s biggest brands own specific conversations? Who owns the gaming conversation? Is the conversation around music untapped?  Try it!

Once you get your hands on the product please share your thoughts. We love hearing back from our audience. Comment here, Connect with us on Twitter or shoot us an email here!


The Tellagence Team