Today, Susan Etlinger from Altimeter Group released a report on Social Data Intelligence that recognizes the need for social analytics integration throughout the enterprise and then recommends an approach for brands to attain this goal.

According to Altimeter Group research, the average enterprise-class company owns 178 social media accounts, while 13 departments—from marketing to customer support to legal-- actively engage in social media.

Yet social media— and as a result, social data— are still largely isolated from business-critical enterprise data sourced from platforms such as Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and market research.

This lack of a holistic view of social signals in the context of other enterprise and external data can lead to partially-informed decisions, missed opportunity, and increased risk and cost, as the organization makes decisions without the benefit of critical input from external constituencies.

In this Altimeter Group research report reflecting input from 35 enterprise-class organizations and technology ecosystem contributors, industry analyst Susan Etlinger lays out an imperative for Social Data Intelligence, identifying key dimensions that organizations must understand, pragmatic steps they can take toward mature integration, and how successful businesses are already using social data in the context of other critical enterprise data to drive measurable value throughout the organization.

We were flattered to be included in her research. But if we were not, we will still recommend this report as a blueprint for brands to integrate their social analytics and insight into a more progressive and affective part of their company.

Tune in for the Webinar on Thursday, September 5