In 2014 we found ourselves very heads down on some great clients and exciting work, but we neglected to connect with the rest of the world.  Since building relationships is what we started Tellagence to do, we need to get back to our roots of communicating with friends, clients, people we don't know yet (but would like to) and anyone else.

From the beginning, video was a part of how we communicated at Tellagence.  I started doing it in the early days so my parents could see what we were up to.  Over time I found that all sorts of people were watching them to find out more about Tellagence.  In the past these were mainly updates on Tellagence but I'm going to expand these to communicate how we think about the market, our clients' problems and where social is going.  These are the things we are passionate about so we want to build relationships with people who love the same things.

If there are things that you would like to discuss let us know.  I travel a ton for the sole purpose of meeting people and building relationships.  We would love for this space to be an extension of that passion.


Matt Hixson (Co-founder & CEO)