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Here we are on day one of DEMO Fall 2012 getting ready to launch our first product.  We have been in Santa Clara for the past week preparing and for the next two days, we’ll share our product with the DEMO conference.  We could not be more excited.  We invite you to share in the fun and watch the DEMO Fall 2012 Livestream of presenters.

Matt and Nitin will be presenting at 9:05a on Wednesday, October 3!

Don’t be late -- this presentation is only 5 minutes.

We were able to go live with the announcement of our product and our launch at 9:01 EST last night.  At that time, our website went live and the Wall Street Journal published their take from a previous interview where we demonstrated our technology. You can read the article here: Startup Says it Can Predict Social Information Flow.  We’re grateful for the journalists and industry analysts who have sat down with us so far to learn more about what we’ve been building. While this is only the beginning for our company, we’re excited about what’s already happened and what’s to come.

Want to learn more about Tellagence? Easy. We’ve put together a video that overviews our first product, Tellagence for Twitter, which empowers companies to increase brand advocacy, earn greater response to campaigns, and more efficiently use their social marketing resources.  Have a look: